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This game involves asking advisors two questions, to test their listening abilities — although they should not be told that this is the intention of the exercise. The only thing worse than not including activities in a training session, is to include activities that flop. Do not move anything around, simply observe. Asking the right questions is critical to the role of a contact centre advisor. No one said that learning had to be boring, so take that philosophy to the streets, and see the supercharged results you get by simply exposing your staff to the warm rays of the sun on an otherwise busy workday. It also teaches flexibility. Our Next Webinar. According to a study published in , much of the stress we experience actually derives from fear of social rejection. Having your service reps do a daily set of Psych Me Up could have a strong effect on their mental positive resilience. There are things that you can do to improve your memory and your recall. So here are two examples of team-building activities , which also include some key learnings. Register Now. These exercises have all been devised to engage advisors with key advisor soft skills that will hopefully help the team improve their performance further. The lesson This customer service training game teaches not so much a lesson, but a memory technique that is proven to work. (1-800-342-7377)

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